Now it’s batman again

So, recently I got the first game in the acclaimed Batman: Arkham series, which has sparked my intrests in the Dark Knight once again. So, since I like typing into a screen and feeling like someone’s reading this (it makes me feel good inside), I decided I’d kill time on another top 10 list. But since there’s so many batman villains that I love, I’m stretching it into a top 20. I’ve ranked these villians on their backstories, importance, and of course, their awesomeness.

#20: The Black Mask

Roman Sionis was born to two wealthy Gotham socialites, the owners of a prosperous cosmetic company. His parents constantly neglected Roman and bullied him into doing whatever they told him to conserve their social status. As with all comic book characters, this drove him off the deep end. His parent’s died in a suspicious fire and Roman inherited their fortune and the company. After a cosmetic line ended up poisoning several people, the company was driven bankrupt. A buy out from Wayne Enterprises only made it worse. Roman’s parent’s had always hated the Waynes, but never showed it in public, and forced Roman to conform to their lies. Now fully insane, Roman went to his family crypt, carved a mask out of his parents coffins, and now wears the mask permanently. Naturally, he than proceeded to through away his wealthy life and become a lowlife crime lord.

He doesn’t really have that much powers and he’s not a skilled fighter, so he’s really only a guy with a bunch of guys behind him. A more interesting version of the common Batman crime lord. He’s really just on here because I had a space to fill, but he does look pretty awesome



Why Skyrim belongs to the Nords

If you’ve never played an Elder Scrolls game, stop reading now or you will be confused. Even if you have played an Elder Scrolls game, you may also be confused…

So, in Elder Scrolls V (that’s five if you’re dumb), which takes place in the Imperial Province of Skyrim, the empire is in shambles. They have just lost a disastrous war against the Aldemeri Dominion (the elves) after the Oblivion crisis (Taking place in Elder Scrolls IV). They have only survived by signing a peace treaty outlawing the worship of the war god Talos, who founded the empire. Everyone else in the empire seems all fine and dandy with this, but a group of Nords who return home to Skyrim after fighting in the war, are jailed for trying to worship their god, after giving so much for their empire. One of these men is Ulfric Stormcloak, who helps the Imperials quell in uprising in The Reach ( a part of Skyrim) in exchange for free worship. The Elves find out however, and Ulfric and his men are imprisoned. Years later, he get’s out, and challenges the high king of Skyrim (an imperial representative) to combat. When Ulfric wins fair and square, he is driven out and deemed an outlaw. He forms a rebellion to take Skyrim from the Empire, and depending on which side the player chooses, the rebellion either exceeds or is crushed.

Going further back into history, the region was the first region of Tamriel (the continent in which the Elder Scrolls take place) to be inhabited (supposedly). By a people called the Snow Elves, a Nordic race of Elves. When Nords first started emigrating from the northern land of Atmora, the Elves, who had a peace treaty with the Nords, attacked and slaughtered the Nords without warning in an event called the Night of Tears. The Nords eventually beat them back, but they never ruled Skyrim. Rulership than passed to the Dwemer (Dwarves) who subjugated the snow elves into slaves and made them into mindless cave demons (called the Falmer, or “The Betrayed). When the Dwemer mysteriously went extinct (I have my own theory on that but that can wait for another day), Talos then came along and concurred the known world. Which became the Empire, and they ruled Skyrim up to this point.

My point is, Skyrim belongs to the Nords because their land has been constantly taken and subjugated by unworthy empires, since it was discovered. The Nords have had everything taken away, their land, their god,…their pride. So I think it’s kind of a no brainer whose side to choose at the beginning of the game.

MW3 re-done

This is how I would have done MW3 to make it better.

So start out the same way, in Northern India, hours after killing Shepard, with Soap critically wounded. They get help for him in village and they stabilize Soap. Makarov’s men arrive and they are forced to be extracted by Nikoli again. Meanwhile, Cpl.Dunn, Sgt.Foley, and Pvt.Ramirez  fight in the battle of New York, after liberating D.C. The American victory causes Russian forces to withdraw from the U.S.

So up to this point the story is just the same, I’ve just removed Yuri and Team Metal.

Soap and Price decide to try and track down Makarov. They meet up with Remnants of the 141 in Somnolia to track down  one of Makarov’s suppliers. They track him down and interrogate him, he tells them that Makarov intends to kidnap the Russian President, who plans to end the war between Russia and the U.S. Meanwhile, Sgt.Foley’s team is stationed in Hamburg, where the peace talks are to go down. Just as the Russian president arrives, Makarov’s men kidnap him. Sgt.Foley’s team attempt to stop them, but they are too late.

With no President, the Russian vice president, who thinks they can win the war,  and is still angry at the Americans for the massacre in Moscow takes over. And the peace talks are cancelled. The Americans than proceed to regroup in the gulf of Finland and than start to attack St.Petersburg and participate in a fierce Naval battle. In Kazakhstan, Price, Soap and the 141 track down the Russian President. It’s a dead end, but they learn that Makarov plans to plant bombs in the capitals of certain countries and frame the U.S., and draw them into the war.

So, so far it’s still stayed mostly the same, with the differences being in the actual war

Price and Soap get in contact with Macmillan again and warn him about the attacks. Most of the attacks are averted, but bombs in Madrid, Paris, and Kiev go off. Price and Soap personally stop the bombers in Istanbul because a rumor of Makarov overseeing the operation. It turns out to be a trap, and the 141 is cornered by the police and Swat teams. In Russia, The Americans capture St.Petersburg thanks to the element of surprise, but encounter heavy resistance on the march to Moscow. Thousands of Russians regroup outside of Moscow, and it is estimated 50,000 men will die on both sides and it will just result in stalemate. Price convinces the S.A.S. (led by Macmillan from the first game) to let them go because they know where the Russian president is and can rescue him. They escape thanks to Macmillan, but are still fugitives. They track the president to a mine in Siberia and Rescue him, and return him to the government. Ending disastrous fighting outside the Kremlin.

The 141 is scattered, and Price and Soap are still considered fugitives despite their actions. After months of chasing Makarov, they corner him in a sub base in Siberia. The two infiltrate the base, kill the staff, and wound Makarov as he tries to escape. Price is wounded by Makarov, but give Soap the gun that killed Zakhaev from the first game. Makarov cracks and begs for his life, but Soap executes him. He returns to Price, who is mortally wounded, and dies. Soap exits the base, smokes a cigar and waits for whatever it to come.

Hope you guys like my story, if you don’t know what Modern warfare, look it up.


So the other day, at Mall Of America, there was a GameStop, and I decided to spend my money there. I got away with a steal, $37.45 for three games. One of them was Modern Warfare 3. Seeing as I have the first two modern warfare’s, I thought it best to play MW3 first. I was disappointed. So I decided to have a blog post about it. WARNING, spoiler alerts.

The Pros

Gameplay The gameplay and graphics are better than the two previous installments, and there are more unique things to do with weapons, and different types of levels that are all mostly unique.

That one level There’s this one level, kinda like the one from the original Modern Warfare, where you operate an Ac-130 gunship, and cover the ground squad while they escape.

The cons

Soap dies Soap, the main character (and playable character in the first installment) dies at the end of the second act of the game. I think this is dumb because he is the main character and lots of players love him (like me). Also, he is kinda Undermined through the game, letting Yuri steal the show, and not getting any attention until his death.

Team Metal First off, I’ll say, what happened to “So when are we going to Moscow?”, “I don’t know, but we’re gonna burn it down when we get there”. That was a quote from Cpl.Dunn form MW2 at the end of the game. But that never happens, the likeable Cpl.Dunn and Sgt.Foley are replaced by Team Metal, a team of whiney white people who replace the likeable characters from MW2. In the original, all the marines die, so it made sense to replace them in the second game. But they all survived in that one, so I kinda missed them. And their replacements are no step up. I think team metal sucks.

The Ending The ending is kind of dumb, Price throws Makarov (the bad guy) out of a helicopter and than ties a rope around his kneck, throws him through a skylight, which strangles him. Talk about overkill huh.

My rating: C- (I was a let down, but I only paid 5 buck for it.

The End

So this is the end, I won’t miss any of you, because I’ll still try to keep in contact my friends, but the rest of you shmoes… Good riddance. Just kidding, I hope you all have great high school years and you at least make it to your 30s before you die (just saying, death happens). I probably won’t keep my blog going because no one views it except for stephen and john. I won’t have any time this summer anyeay. I have a big plan to horde snacks and caffeinated drinks in my basement, and stay down there the entire summer. That probably won’t work, but I’ll try to get as much screen time as I can before I have to go back to school. It’ll be really weird because Sean and Sherema will be the only peoples I know. I’m suprised not many people applied for south milwaukee, it’s a really good school, really updated. I don’t have anything else to say because I don’t want to say anything else. Bye.

No one likes me

I had this really weird dream yesterday. For some reason, Chris (H) was having a birthday party at Chucky cheese, and I happened to be at the same Chucky Cheese that day, and I saw that he didn’t invite me but invited Stephen, and I got really mad. And then I learned that all my friend weren’t even my friends, they were just people I followed around and talked to, and they all hated me because I was some dumb weirdo.

Then I get to school today and I have this weird conversation with Armondo today. So he walks in and sees me playing Warlight (in which I’m Lvl 37) and he says I have no life (which is true) and then I say that he’s being a bully (which I’m joking) and  then he says that I’m a bully because I stop Paul from reaching over and logging out my computer (which he constantly does). And then I tell him that I was joking, and then he says he doesn’t do jokes.

Even my cats didn’t want to come near me yesterday, they only wanted food. I guess no-one likes me lately.

My favoirite Jams.

I got nothing else to do so I’ll share my favorite songs right now

This first one’s a little weird. Is far as I can tell it’s about some witch doctor who gives advice to people, and also there’s some chicken dance music. Sean and I found it on youtube awhile ago, before that I had never heard of it.

Next one’s even weirder, I have no idea what it’s about. Just a bunch of people who no speak English. I don’t know what they’re saying, but the music’s pretty catchy. Again, Sean showed me this one.

You should obviously know this one

This next one is about a sad person,  I don’t know why he’s sad though.

This last one I heard on the radio one day well I was with my Dad, it’s by the people who did “Don’t stop believing”. I like the song, but I don’t know if anyone else but my dad and Sean do. This song was also in the new Tron movie.


Today I’m confuzzled. I got COD4: Modern Warfare awhile ago, and in the game part of it takes place in the middle east in some unnamed country and I’m confused to where it is. First it is shown on the Red Sea near Mecca, than it is on the Persian gulf, than the wiki lists it as Kuwait. I’m confused. Is this country the entire middle east or something? I don’t know. That’s all I have for now, I know it’s really short. But next post I’ll hopefully have the awnser.

I’m tired

The school year’s almost over and I have nothing left to say. I’ve had nothing left to say for awhile now soo it’s not that much of a change. I played too much Modern Warfare yesterday and when I tried to sleep, I couldn’t because I had been staring at a screen for hours. So I’m tired right now. Club Burdick is today, I don’t really care what they show, as long as it’s not High school Musical. I don’t even know if I’m going anyway. We ended the business, so we could all walk away with 6 bucks.

My Grandma Bonnie’s been staying at our house since the other day, her friend Al from Australia flew up here for a visit. Al’s a professor, he makes me feel dumb.

That’s is all I have to say. I might be able to have a few more before the end of the year, but I don’t know. I have nothing left to write about, nothing at all. I probably won’t keep this blog going except for an occasional update, so don’t expect anything over the summer.

Stephen Wielebski

So, so far I’ve done Mark and Rory. I’m not gonna share these in class because they’re super offensive, but if people want to read them they can just come here. Thanks to Stephen, John and Donovnan M for noticing the stories and complimenting them.

So, you may not know but Stephen is planning to go to St.Thomas More High School which is really expensive because it’s a private school. So after he graduates, stephen’s going to realize that he blew all his money on a fancy high school so he doesn’t have enough money to go to college and pursue a career in meteorology as he wanted. He’s going to live as a bum on the streets for awhile getting by with umping baseball games, and eventually announcing for them. He’s going to work his way up to working for the Milwaukee Brewers and eventually become their announcer. For years he is going to become a radio icon, using his unique personality and passion for sports to draw in listeners around Wisconsin. He’s going to continue anouncing for the brewers and gain fame, but he’s always going to miss one thing, love. Never will he marry or even go on dates because he still has the hots for his first-ish love Kaylee Neman. In the year of 2044 (remember, in Mark’s story I mentioned that the 2040s housed most of the events that lead to ww3, if you haven’t read Mark’s post, than you won’t know what I’m talking about so I suggest you read his) the Milwaukee Brewers actually make it to the world series, facing the Toronto Blue Jays. Again, if you haven’t read the previous posts, you wouldn’t know that I predicted that Canada would have a communist revolution in the beginning of the 2040s. Despite the growing conflicts between the U.S. and Canada they still play each other in sports. When the games begin, many angry Canadians (who hate Americans) protest outside the stadium, and after game three, when the Brewers win they’re second game, the protesters go crazy and hold a couple hundred american fans and Stephen hostage. They’re preparing to shoot one hostage who coinkidinkly is Kaylee, when stephen leaps in front of the way to save her, but she is also hit and they both die together, despite never really being a couple in the first place.

And that’s Stephen’s story.